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The Best Downloadable Content for Generating Leads Online

If you’re putting together your first content strategy, you might be wondering what type of downloadable content is best for generating leads online. A lot of the answer lies with your target market. What will be most useful for them?

Your goal is to create content that is so exciting, they will download it immediately. If they use it and get great results, they’ll be eager to learn more (and sign up as a client).

We’ll get to the best types of content in a sec. But first there’s a rule that you must follow whenever you’re creating a downloadable:

Keep it short.

Think of it as a snack, not a meal. You want to satiate their hunger for a while. When they get hungry again, they’ll be back.

Plus, people don’t have time to read a 65-page ebook they just got for free. Short and to-the-point wins the day.

Here are five types of downloadable content that people love (which is why they’re so great for generating leads online):


Checklists are so awesome. It is incredibly satisfying to check off items on a list, and it’s reassuring to know you didn’t forget something.

If your target market has never created an email newsletter or packed for a month-long trip to China before, your handy checklist will include all the little details they might not know about.

Top 10 list

Got 100 tips for organizing a home? Great! Now highlight the 10 best and chuck the rest (or save them for another use).

People love top 10 lists. And if you – the expert – declare that these are the very best, most life-changing home organization tips, well golly. I want that list!


A framework that allows your target market to fill in the blanks is a huge time-saver. They can just plug in their expertise and go.

I’ve seen presentation templates, ebook templates, sales email templates and Facebook ad templates. We use a template to gather all the information we need from clients when writing blog posts. What kind of template would your target market love to get their hands on?

How-to instructions

Step-by-step instructions that teach people are empowering to the point that you can help them profoundly change or improve their lives.

How to write a job description allows small business owners to hire the right people so they can grow. How to improve your stamina helps serious runners lower their personal best. How to retire by age 50 lets people fulfill huge life goals.

“Insider” info

Every industry has best practices that aren’t commonly known to outsiders. Allowing people an exclusive peek behind the curtain is very tempting. It taps right into FOMO (fear of missing out) – take advantage of it!

If you work with celebrities, zillionaires or high-profile people, even better. Major FOMO will have people downloading your content 24/7.

Like I said above, generating leads online is all about giving people what they want. These ideas are a great place to start.

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