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The Email Signature: 12 Ways to Use Yours for Marketing

Your email signature is often overlooked as a marketing tool. Instead of just providing people with your title, company name and phone number, a little creativity can pay off – literally.


Why is your email signature such a great marketing tool?


First of all, dozens or even hundreds of people see it every day. The sheer reach of your email blows away the reach of any given social media post.


Second, if email is the first interaction someone has with you, a little marketing can help you build credibility immediately. There’s another way to do this – see more below.


Third, put in the right message or offer, and you’ll generate new leads – or even sales.


What to share


Almost any marketing-related content can be shared in your email signature:


  1. Your latest or most popular blog post
  2. Your book (or books if you’re a prolific author)
  3. A free, downloadable ebook, guide or one-pager
  4. Call-to-action to schedule a demo
  5. Sale or promotion announcement
  6. An industry award you just won
  7. Short customer/client review
  8. Explainer video
  9. News interview
  10. Volunteer position you hold
  11. A quick tip
  12. Major company news (that affects your customers/clients, vendors, etc.)


How I use my email signature


Until this summer, here’s what mine looked like:


Monika Jansen

Head Kick-Ass Copywriter and Strategist

Jansen Communications



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In July, I added this:


Chair of the Board

Women in Business Initiative at George Mason University’s School of Business


Unless you’re in marketing, you might not realize my email signature breaks a major marketing rule.


It includes three possible actions. People can visit my website, check out the ebook or visit the website of board I sit on. Providing more than one call-to-action is a major no-no.


An email signature is a major exception to the rule. The link to my website makes it easy for people to learn more about my agency. The ebook builds credibility (and helps out my sales). And the mention of the board shows I’m plugged into the community.


Another way to build credibility


You can make an outstanding first impression by creating a branded signature. Sure, you can go the custom route and work with a graphic designer. But that can get expensive.


An email generator is just as good and much more budget friendly. Check out Newoldstamp, Wisestamp, Exclaimer, ByBrand and MySignature are just a few of your options. A bonus: you can easily integrate your logo and social media follow buttons.


My friends at Newoldstamp sent a couple of examples over. Here’s what they look like:



You might wonder why I don’t use an email generator. Well, as a copywriter, I value simplicity. A straightforward email signature works for my brand.


What works for your brand?


Photo by from Pexels

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