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Our Favorite Sources of Free Stock Photos that Don’t Look Like Stock Photos

If you’re like me, you want high-quality, free stock photos to use in your blogs, email newsletters and on social media.

Unfortunately, stock photos sites – both free and paid – have proliferated in the past five years. There used to be a handful; now there are dozens. A lot of them (typically the big ones) are repositories for boring, staged photos.

You are not boring. Your company is not boring. Your stock photos should not be boring.

Our favorite sources for free stock photos


Pexels is my personal go-to for beautiful and interesting stock photos. Some free sites don’t carry a lot of images that are business-related. Pexels does.

The image below is a case in point. You could use this image for a blog post on sales, client meetings, supporting local businesses – or dining etiquette.

free stock photos - Pexels


PikWizard is the love child of a stock photo site and a DIY design tool. Their Design Wizard allows you to create designs using their stock photos or templates. It’s awesome – and addictive.

See the image below? So cute – a dad doing the work-life balance juggle. I was able to change the size, add a filter and update the background color. Small changes – but I could have gotten sucked into a rabbit hole of creativity, so I stopped there.

free stock photos - PikWizard


I like Pixabay for its variety of images. They aren’t all hipster-ish. Some are a little more conservative, and some are goofy.

This image is a blank canvas. It can be used for an article on working remotely, writer’s block, or having “a seat at the table.”

free stock photos - Pixabay


StockSnap has been around for years, and they have always been a solid source of great stock photos. My favorite part of this site, though, is the images of regular people working in offices. They don’t look like an army of robot-people. So refreshing!

Just take a look at this image of two guys working on a patio. They are regular guys wearing regular clothes, and they could easily pass for executives at a startup or business owners working at a brewery on a Friday afternoon.

free stock photos - StockSnap

What are your favorite sources for free stock photos?

  • Melanie Meren
    Posted at 09:01h, 09 August Reply

    I agree about Pexels. I’ve found great, clean-looking graphics. Thanks for the suggestions for the other sites!

    • Monika Jansen
      Posted at 09:24h, 09 August Reply

      You’re welcome! It always good to have a bunch of options.

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