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How Gen Z Is Changing Marketing

Millennials have conditioned us marketers to communicate in very specific ways. Gen Z is already flipping everything we’ve been doing on its head. In fact, Gen Z is changing marketing in some really big ways.

My kids are Gen Z, so I’m seeing these trends play out on a very micro level. (Gen Z is anyone born in 1995 to present, so the oldest are turning 23 this year.)

How Gen Z is changing marketing

Products over experiences

Gen Z prefers cool products rather than cool experiences. However, they don’t love to spend money (they grew up during the Great Recession, so they’re much more pragmatic than Millennials).

Three channels dominate

Gen Z likes to receive marketing via online ads, outdoor ads (yes, that surprised me too) and social media. They don’t care for either email or regular mail.

One word: YouTube

Gen Z LOVES YouTube. A lot. Seventy-two percent of them visit YouTube daily (my kids are both in that category).

Celebs trump emotions

Gen Z pays attention to ads that include celebrities/athletes. They don’t really care about ads that create an emotional connection.

How to shift your marketing in response

If you’re a B2C company:

Sell unique products that are not available everywhere. And make sure your ecommerce site is super mobile-friendly, because Gen Z makes purchases right from their smartphones.

Shift social media marketing to YouTube. Advertise on YouTube, and set up a channel, too. You’ll need to add new content every week. Don’t forget about Instagram, though. My kids are rabid users of that channel as well.

Bank on up-and-comers for influencer marketing. YouTube stars with more than 7 million followers earn around $300,000 per post. Even those with 100,000 followers can still command $12,500. (Yes, I know – that’s ridiculous.) If you go this route, seek out local athletes or celebs.

If you’re a B2B company:

Swag needs to be cool as hell. Work with a promotional product company and a marketing agency that are known for going way outside the box. Think: brochure that can be turned into a hanging mobile, or a bound book that literally turns your brand into a … story.

Yup, you need to be on YouTube. Gen Z use YouTube videos to learn, not just be entertained. In addition to creating written blog posts and ebooks, create videos on the same topics.

Explore partnering with athletes-turned-business owners. Some retired athletes use their drive and discipline to launch successful businesses. They might not be household names, but their resume might be enough to impress older Gen Z’s.

If you’re already changing your marketing to reach Gen Z, what is working for you?

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