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Just Say No to Industry Specific Web Design and Marketing Agencies

Industry specific web design and marketing agencies sound like a fabulous idea on the surface. They know your industry! What’s not to love about that? But they could actually hinder your marketing … and therefore your sales … and therefore your company’s overall growth.


Avoid industry-specific web design and marketing agencies


There’s a caveat of course. If you are a highly technical company that sells to highly technical people or other companies, I would consider a specialized agency. When everyone speaks the same language – you, the agency and your target market – you’ll probably get great results.


But that’s not a guarantee.


Anyway, let’s look at why industry specific agencies are a bad idea.


You’ll look and sound like everyone else


I don’t care how competitive your industry is. Your viewpoint, expertise and methods are different from your competitors.


When one of your top clients refers business to you, that prospect – let’s call him Matt – will check out your website. He might look you up on LinkedIn and scroll through your Instagram feed to get a feel for you who are as a fellow human.


In short, you want Matt to make an emotional connection to you and/or your brand and be excited about working with you. A website and social feed that looks like your competitors’ and lacks a distinct voice – your voice – won’t leave much of an impression. Matt might move on to someone else.


You know what industry is so generic it hurts my soul? Law firms.


Go ahead and do a Google Search for “business law attorney near me.” How many websites are blue and white? And I bet most of them have a photo of a building or skyline as their “hero” image at the top of their home page. How … unique. (If you find one that looks different, I’d love to see it.)


You’ll miss out on the benefits of an outside perspective


Industry specific web design or marketing agencies are too familiar with what you do. I know this sounds like a good thing, but it’s not.


Instead of being objective, they’ll make assumptions. They won’t ask questions. And they won’t dig into what makes you tick and what makes you different.


I guarantee you that an outsider will not assume. I know, because that’s how my agency operates.


We dig and probe to understand you and your audience. We spend time with your competitors to see what they’re doing well, poorly and not at all (you’d be surprised as to how sloppy larger companies can be). We get to know you and what makes you different so we can write copy that connects to your prospects.


Remember that the people in your target market do not live and breathe what you do. They need someone who speaks their language (plain English). And they want to work with a person or brand they can connect with, who “gets” them.


Go back to those law websites. Do they sound the same, or do they have some personality? Trick question. Of course they sound the same. What a missed opportunity.


Now, we can’t help with your look, as we are not web or graphic designers (but we can make intros to the right people). What we can do is make sure your messages, copy and tone of voice are authentic to you. And, more importantly, build connections to prospects.


If that sounds right up your alley, give us a shout.


Image by Isaiah Rustad via Unsplash 

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