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Use This Schedule to Keep Your Marketing Updated

Even though I consider myself a highly organized person, reviewing and maintaining my own marketing has been largely ad hoc. Til now. I finally sat down and created a schedule that you can also use to keep your marketing updated. 


This is a huge relief; it’s been hanging over my head for years! I usually think, “Oh, I’ll review things at the end of the year.” Pfft. Never happens. I go into vacation mode, and anything work related gets drowned out by holiday music.


Now, this schedule is not perfect. I’m sure I will find plenty of additional tasks to add to the list. You probably will too. All our businesses are different, after all.


Think of this schedule as a great starting point and build it out accordingly. 


A schedule to keep your marketing updated and in tip top shape


Let’s start with the biggest piece of your marketing real estate: your website. I rolled your blog into your website tasks, and I kept email and social media marketing separate. 


I didn’t touch on your marketing collateral, which might include your presentations, ebooks, white papers, brochures, speaker bios, etc. I suggest reviewing everything once or twice a year, despite how often you use those pieces for marketing.


Ok, let’s dive in!




Websites require a lot of love and attention, so always start here when it comes to time to keep your marketing updated. If you do not have a website developer on speed dial, I suggest you get one. When your website glitches, or heaven forbid crashes, they will be able to get you back up and running quickly.


Monthly website tasks


  • Move all those blog post ideas you’ve jotted down on sticky notes, the back of receipts and in the cloud to one spot – preferably your content calendar
  • Map out the next month’s blog post topics
  • Write at least one new blog post for the month that is at least 1,000 words (those get the most engagement and are viewed as most valuable by readers)
  • Review your Google Analytics to understand where traffic is coming from, what pages people are visiting and what pages people stick around on


Quarterly website tasks


  • Visit your website and click on a few pages to ensure the pages load quickly
  • Look up your website on your smartphone – is it easy to read and navigate?
  • Click on all the links on your website to make sure they still work
  • Fill in your contact forms, too, and see if the right person (probably you) is getting messages through your website
  • Check the effectiveness of your pop-ups and offers. If no one is clicking on them, you might need to update the messaging.
  • Reach out to the clients you’ve worked with over the past three months and ask for testimonials that you can publish on your website
  • If you have a portfolio or list of clients on your website, update that with new projects and/or clients
  • If your website is built on WordPress, ask your web developer to update all plug-ins. Alternatively, subscribe to your developer’s maintenance plan, and they will do this automatically for you.


Bi-annual website tasks 


  • Read through each page and update copy as needed. A few things to look for: 
    • Are product and service descriptions and prices accurate?  
    • Is it clear who your ideal client is? 
    • Do you list all verticals or industries you work in?
    • Does your bio or team page need to be updated?
  • Write copy for new service or product pages
  • Un-publish pages that no one visits or that are no longer relevant


Annual website tasks


  • Review your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy with an expert and implement their updates
  • Ask your website developer to do a quick audit and suggest improvements


Email Marketing 


Monthly email marketing tasks


  • Update your newsletter email list with new clients and prospects or contacts who give you permission to email them
  • Move all new subscribers from lead nurturing campaigns to your main newsletter email list


Annual email marketing tasks


  • Remove contacts who never open your emails. Before you do, email them with a note asking if they’d prefer to stay on your list.
  • Review email subject lines with high open rates and create guidelines for next year’s subject lines.
  • Consider updating your email template with a fresh look (a good graphic designer can help)
  • Review automated email campaigns and update copy to make your calls to action even more compelling.


Social Media Marketing 


Monthly social media marketing tasks


  • Review post engagement over the past and month to understand what topics get the most love
  • Update your content calendar accordingly
  • Research new hashtags to use on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram


Bi-annual social media marketing tasks


  • Review and update your profiles, including messaging, photos and hashtags
  • Look at what your competitors are sharing for new topic ideas
  • Research new platforms and best practices to stay up to speed
  • Stop using platforms that are driving zero engagement OR ask a social media marketing expert for a consult before you do so (just to make sure it’s the right decision!)
  • Review your strategy and update according to your performance over the past six months


What else?


Like I said above, I know I am missing stuff! What else would you add to my list (or what are you adding to your list) to keep your marketing updated?

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