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5 Ways to Create a Landing Page that Converts

A landing page is a not-so-secret weapon in every marketer’s tool bag. To ensure you have a landing page that converts, follow these five proven strategies.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a promotional (rather than educational) page on your website where people take a specific action to get something of value. Maybe they get a special promo code, set up a meeting, download a free guide or register for a paid webinar. In exchange, you get a lead or a sale.

Landing pages typically do not appear in the main navigation of your website. Instead, people get to the page from email marketing, digital advertising and social media campaigns.

How to create a landing page that converts

To make this easier, let’s pretend you are setting up a landing page that offers a free guide. To get it, they provide their email address and name. The guide is delivered via email.

1. Remove all navigation

You want people to take one action on your landing page: submit their email address to get the guide. You don’t want to give them the options to click around on your website, read a blog post or schedule an appointment.

That means you need to strip the page of content. Remove the top and bottom navigation menus, side bars and pop-up windows.

2. Focus on FOMO

Your copy will be super short and generally follow this formula:

  • Headline
  • One- or two-sentence intro
  • Bulleted list of what you get
  • Call-to-action button

That’s not much copy, so make it count! Tap into fear of missing out (FOMO) so your guide sounds lifechanging. A little hyperbole is OK, but don’t go overboard!

3. Add stats or testimonials

The frosting on the (copy) cake is a statistic or testimonial that drives home how valuable your guide is. The statistic could be: “Small business owners who follow this formula see an average 116% increase in monthly revenue.”

And the testimonial could be: “This guide revolutionized how our small business operates. In the first quarter after implementing X, revenue doubled from the previous three months.”

For a landing page that converts, I highly recommend including one.

4. Use a beautiful visual

If you’re offering a guide, use the cover as your visual. If it’s a product, an image of someone using the product would be perfect.

But if it’s something intangible, like a promo code, go aspirational. What does the person’s life look like AFTER they use the promo code to make a purchase?

5. Make your one call-to-action prominent

Remember, this landing page has one job! When it’s time for someone to click, make it easy. Use a large button in a bold, contrasting color so people don’t miss it.

You can learn more about creating a kick-ass call-to-action here.

If you’d like to see examples of some landing page, here are two on our website: blogging ebook and newsletter checklist.

Need help creating an awesome landing page that converts? We are here for you! Contact us today.

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