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The 5 Marketing Projects Small Business Owners Are Tackling During the Pandemic

Now that we have settled into our new abnormal (thanks coronavirus), I have noticed a pattern among small business owners. A lot of them are refusing to sit on the sidelines and are tackling big marketing projects. I know, because we are working on those projects.


Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t. Marketing is a long-term investment in your business’s growth. While it’s OK to scale back a bit, don’t stop. It will impact your company’s future.


Five marketing projects our clients are tackling right now


New websites


Yes, people are launching new companies during the pandemic. Seem crazy? Well, they want to be prepared for when our economy emerges from this forced coma.


Last week alone, I wrote website content for a massage therapy practice in California and submitted two website content proposals (one company is B2B – their clients are real estate investors – and the other is B2C – their customers are


You might not need a new website right now, but this is the perfect time to polish the messaging and update the look with new fonts and images.


Client communications


During a crisis, it is more important than ever to communicate well, and communicate often.


A wealth management company sent us a flurry of requests in March for covid-19 related emails they needed for their clients.


Another client is using this time to prepare for the day that non-essential businesses reopen. Take our client that offers digital lab test results. This might sound boring, but it’s kind of cool as it allows people (and their wellness professionals) to track their progress beyond pounds loss or number of reps completed.


Anyway, we are creating marketing copy that wellness professionals can use to explain the service to their clients. Like I said above, get ready now so you can hit the ground running.


Sales presentations


We just completed a new (digital) presentation for a roofing company. Perfect timing, too, since all of their sales presentation with prospective customers are now taking place via Zoom.


You might not use a sales presentation to close business – but it might help you close business faster. Use a presentation to build trust by sharing before-and-after photos, short case studies, quantifiable results or customer testimonials. This will make it easier for potential clients to say “yes”.


Case studies, white papers and ebooks


Longer form content takes time to produce. Got more time and feeling productive? This might be a great project to tackle during the pandemic.


This week I started working on a white paper-case study hybrid for a foundation. They want to share the overwhelming success story of one of their programs. Once it’s published, it will be used to encourage others to join the program.


I’m also talking to a Realtor about an ebook for Gen Xer’s. The topic? Preparing your parent’s home so they can “age in place”.


Thought leadership


I have now edited five thought leadership articles – the sixth is coming – for one client who wants to really turbocharge her presence on LinkedIn. Each article is packed with actionable tips and strategies that leaders can use to be more effective – during the pandemic and as we slowly emerge into a new normal.


People have more time to read, and they need help adapting to our new circumstances. If you can offer guidance, this is the time to share it.


Want more ideas for marketing projects? Check out this article from a few years ago.


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