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4 Big Marketing Trends for 2017 That We’re Watching

It’s that time of year when predictions, trends, and hot/not lists start proliferating like Santa hats. Never one to miss out on a party, we’re jumping in with our own list of four big marketing trends for 2017 that we’re watching.

But before we get there, I want to cover some “new” marketing trends that keep popping up even though they are not new. Offering a fabulous mobile experience (including mobile shopping) is not new. Measuring the right marketing metrics and then acting on what you find is not new. Using personalization to create an outstanding customer experience is not new.

So … if you’re not already doing these things, add them to your to-do list. Right now. Go ahead. This blog post will still be here for your reading pleasure.

But without further ado, here’s our list of marketing trends for 2017:

1. Virtual reality (VR) will become more common

In 2016, big brands started experimenting with VR for marketing. While they’re the ones who have the budget for it now, costs of producing a VR experience will continue to shrink. Pretty soon, small businesses will need to jump on board and use it for marketing or risk being left behind.

If you think I’m throwing around too much hyperbole, consider this: According to the Digi-Capital, virtual reality (VR) will be a $30 billion market by 2020. And, consumers are embracing it – Google has shipped millions of Cardboard headsets and Facebook and YouTube both support 360 degree videos.

VR is not just about entertainment. It’s also the future of marketing, so keep your eye on it as I expect it to be one of the hottest marketing trends for 2017 and beyond.

2. Personal interaction will be even more important

On Tuesday, I participated in a Twitter chat with other digital marketers, and we all agreed that personal, face-to-face interactions are incredibly important right now. As our lives become even more digital, that importance will continue.

There really is no replacement for the personal touch, the genuine conversation, and the charm, charisma, and energy (some) people emit in face-to-face encounters. Plus, humans are meant to be with other humans. It’s in our DNA.

Continue making an effort to get out and meet clients for drinks, network in person, and attend industry events. One genuine conversation over lunch is much more impactful than one clever tweet.

3. Shorter but higher quality content will be expected

Content marketing is not going anywhere, but it will change a bit. Content will still need to be high-quality, and it will still need to be produced and shared consistently, but it will be shorter. The reason, of course, is our ridiculously short attention spans.

One of our clients has started experimenting with super short blog posts. The content is still powerful, but we are spare with the prose to the point that it only takes a minute or less to read. (And yes, she’s been getting great feedback!)

4. Live streaming will take off

Between Periscope and Facebook Live, it might feel like live streaming video is already everywhere. But it’s not – yet.

In 2017, live streaming is poised to become ubiquitous – and not just because video is wildly popular. It really has more to do with technological advancements. Expect to see new live streaming platforms and technologies launch in tandem with faster connection speeds and bigger data plans.

What does this mean for you? Take your super high quality content and start producing videos, baby! Don’t worry about the production value, either. Awesome content creates a fun experience, and people will respond to it.

Got big plans for your small business in 2017? Not sure how you’re going to reach your goals? Let’s talk about how a solid content marketing strategy, blogging, social media marketing, and more can position you for success. Contact us today! 

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