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How an Expert Stays on Top of Marketing Trends

You’d think it would be easy to stay on top of marketing trends when you’re in the marketing industry. But just like you, I am inundated with information and short on time.

I am currently cleaning through all the blogs and newsletters I subscribe to, so I figured this was a great opportunity to share with you what I read to stay in-the-loop and continually learn new stuff (because there’s always new stuff).

Here’s what I read to stay on top of marketing trends

L2 Winners & Losers

L2 is a research company that benchmarks the digital performance of brands. Sounds boring – but their videos are most definitely not.

The company’s founder, Scott Galloway (also a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern), hosts Winners & Losers. As you might imagine from the name, he dives into why companies that are thriving and dying in the digital economy. Lots of lessons to be learned in every video (they’re published weekly).

Also, Scott is hilarious. I live for these videos.


I have subscribed to this thought leadership blog, published by Mark Schaefer, for years. Mark is a digital marketing consultant, and he and his guest bloggers (Mars Dorian is one of my faves) write articles that make you stop and think.

Sure, many contain actionable tips, but the value of this blog is really tied to an analytical, 30,000-foot view of digital marketing – and what’s coming next.


Digiday is an online publisher that covers the media and marketing industries. What sets them apart is their focus on how technology is disrupting these industries. I appreciate the quality of their content; they don’t churn out news stories to feed the SEO gods.

Once I discovered Digiday, it quickly became a must-read.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is a perennial favorite of mine. No other platform provides the same level of deep dive how-to articles peppered with tons of visuals. Plus, the writers are experts who walk the walk and talk the talk – their tips are based on real-life experiences around what works and what doesn’t.

America Express Open Forum

I really like the articles on Open Forum for a few reasons. They are geared towards small business owners, they tend to provide actionable information and they cover more than just marketing. Open Forum emails are sent once a week rather than daily – something I really appreciate.

And unlike other major publishers out there, you can’t buy your way into publishing on Open Forum. That editorial wall keeps the quality of their articles high.

Want to know what marketing trends to watch?

Here’s a look at 1o big marketing trends we predict will impact small businesses.

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