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10 Fun and Interesting Marketing Trivia Questions

Last week, I participated in Career Day at my daughter’s high school. (Yes, I’m that old. Well, I’m 44, which doesn’t feel that old, but some days I definitely feel like I’m 104.) Anyway, I realized I needed to do something cool to engage the students, so I created a marketing trivia game.


This was kind of an odd Career Day set up. Instead of giving a presentation to randomly assigned class, us participants were lined up in the cafeteria, and sophomores could stop by and chat with us.


Apparently, I became known as the Lollipop Lady, because whether or not you got the marketing trivia question correct, you got a lollipop. Some kids came back a few times. There are 600 sophomores in the school, so a lot of kids were walking around with lollipops in their mouths.


The kids had so much fun that I asked my team these questions during our weekly meeting. And my team had so much fun that now I’m sharing them with you. (Answers are at the end.)


So, how well do you know marketing?


1. What is the average salary of a Chief Marketing Officer in the US?

A: $190,000

B: $300,000

C: $650,000


2. What is the average starting salary for a marketing major with a Bachelor’s degree?

A: $45,100

B: $53,400

C: $72,600


3. What is the #2 search engine in the world?

A: Bing

B: YouTube

C: Google


4. How many monthly users does Snapchat have?

A: 300 million

B: 400 million

C: 500 million


5. What year was Facebook founded?

A: 2002

B: 2004

C: 2006


6. If Instagram was a standalone company (Facebook owns it), how much would it be worth?

A: $75 billion

B: $100 billion

C: $125 billion


7. Which of these is not a famous brand slogan?

A: Just Do It

B: Because You’re Worth It

C: Hot Dang!


8. The first Instagram photo featured what animal?

A: A kitten

B: A puppy

C: A dog


9. How much money does a YouTuber with 1.4 million subscribers make from YouTube every year?

A: $17,000

B: $565,000

C: $1.1 million


10. How many YouTube channels have more than 1 million subscribers?

A: 3,500

B: 5,700

C: 8,000


Answer Key

1 – A

2 – B

3 – B

4 – A

5 – B

6 – B

7 – C

8 – C

9 – A

10 – C


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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