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Want to Measure Brand Awareness? Use These 3 Metrics

Our clients almost always have three goals: increase brand awareness, increase number of leads and increase sales. Of the three, brand awareness is tricky to measure. Three metrics (detailed – along with many others – in this article) can help.

How to measure brand awareness

Wouldn’t it be so nice if you could wave a wand and see thought bubbles attached to the people who think about and/or talk about your company? (It sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book, doesn’t it?)

Since we can’t do that, we need to turn to the data available to us. Together, these three metrics build a pretty accurate picture:


The social media equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing is mentions. If your client Bob tags you on LinkedIn, you will be alerted. It’s the perfect time to swoop into the conversation and find out how you can help.

Just keep in mind your name might not always be spelled right. (My first AND last names are spelled wrong. All. The. Time. It’s annoying.)

If you want to ensure you don’t miss anything, consider using a social media monitoring tool that can catch every variation of your company name. Good options are AwarioBrandwatch, and Talkwalker.


Say your client Bob is at a party talking about how much he loves your company. Your name will reach more people if he’s talking to all 40 people in the room instead of one person.

Same thing on social media. If Bob tweets about your company to all 3,800 of his Twitter followers, and 600 people see it – boom. Your brand awareness just shot up.

You can find your reach in a couple of ways. One, through a social media dashboard (Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.), a monitoring tool (see above) and/or within each social media platform you use (they all offer some form of analytics).


When people do something to interact with you on social media, they are obviously aware of your brand. Track the number of likes, comments and shares you get.

And while a “like” is nice, comments and shares are much better. When someone takes the time to respond with a note or share your post with their network, they are demonstrating that they are not only aware of your brand, but they really like it, too.

Make sure you acknowledge them – they could be your next big client!

And that’s how you measure brand awareness. Not too hard, is it?

If you need help boosting your mentions, reach and engagement, let’s talk. A new blogging or social media strategy might be just what you need! Send us a note today.

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