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Why We Love Medium for Marketing

As soon as a client says, “I’d like to build thought leadership in my space,” we reply, “You need to use Medium for marketing.”


Here’s why we love the platform:


You’ll actually find new ideas


If you’re not familiar with it, Medium is an online publishing platform where “ideas matter.” And not just any idea –interesting, thought-provoking ones, like this.


You can also find inspiring stories, like this.


The quality is unparalleled


I sometimes compare the quality of writing with what you find in The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review or the Economist. It’s rare to find crap on Medium, because articles that get “claps” are easily findable (similar to the way Reddit works).


If the article is really good, Medium will feature it on their home page.


Smart people flock there


Regular visitors and readers on Medium are hungry for new ideas. They want to learn, explore new topics and hear your viewpoint. And that means they want to hear from you, the thought leader.


Here’s how you can use Medium for marketing:


Look at what other people are writing


First off, get the lay of the land. What are people writing around your topics and areas of expertise? Where can you stand out?


Articles are tagged with keywords, so use them to make your search easier (and your articles easier to find once you start publishing).


Don’t gloss over your profile


Add a high-quality profile photo and spend some time writing your bio. It must be short, so think about what you want people to most know about you. It’s OK to add personal elements – that humanizes you.


Edit to fit Medium’s guidelines


Articles that do best are less than a six-minute read, so you may need to edit out some content if your piece is long-form.


They are also easy to read, so sub out SAT-words for their plain Jane equivalents and are more conversational than formal.


Publish your best stuff


Doesn’t matter how long ago you published that blog post. If it’s still relevant four years later, share it on Medium.


For any new blog posts, publish them on Medium after you publish them on your blog. Include a link on Medium at the end that says, “This article originally appeared here.”


Follow people who follow you


Medium is not a social media network per se, but it is considered good form to follow back the people who follow you. Skim their article titles. Read an article and give it a “clap”. They’ll be more likely to continue to engage with your articles.


Check out Medium and let us know what you think.


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