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Micro-Moments: The Key to Lead Generation

Business growth relies on lead generation, and in our digital world, lead generation relies on being “findable” during micro-moments.

Here’s what that means, why it’s important and how to make sure you’re “findable”.

What are micro-moments?

Micro-moments are the instant when your potential client thinks, “Goddammit, I need help.”

Here are some micro-moment examples:

I finish doing my company’s tax return and wonder why I owe so much. “I need an accountant that works with small businesses – and actually enjoys doing this.”

I get an email from a business partner letting me know that my website is down. I look it up online and get the dreaded 404 error. “I need a new website – and someone to maintain it!”

I decide to rent an exhibitor space at a big conference – something I’ve never done before. “I need a booth! And printed marketing collateral! And a fun giveaway!”

Why are they so important for lead generation?

In the moment your potential client needs help, what do they do?

They “Google it”. In our examples above, they type:

“Small business accountant near me”

“Website design for small businesses”

“Trade show booths”

Your goal is to get found in that moment.

How do you determine your clients’ micro-moments?

If you know your clients inside and out, you know their biggest pain points and what keywords they use to find you. Those keywords must be woven into your online presence:

  • Your website
  • Your blog posts
  • Articles you write for other publications
  • The “about” on your social media channels
  • Social media post copy
  • Google My Business listing
  • Online reviews

How do you make sure you potential clients find you?

Surprise – it’s all about search engine optimization (SEO).

The easiest way to tackle this involves a two-pronged approach.

One, find a reputable SEO company with proven results. They will:

  • Research the best keywords for your business
  • Provide recommendations on how to integrate the keywords into your website and other online content
  • Conduct an audit of your website and recommend improvements
  • Help you generate backlinks
  • Provide monthly reports so you can track progress
  • Set up and/or optimize your social channels and Google My Business

Two, create content. This means:

  • Publishing at least two original blog posts on your website every month
  • Actively using the social media channels that your clients use
  • Writing articles for other sites so you get the benefits of backlinks
  • Posting updates to your Google My Business account

I know this may seem like an impossible laundry list of tasks! But it can greatly improve your lead generation. Go get ‘em tiger!

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