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5 Mobile-First Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

We’re not just living in a mobile-first world. We’re living in a mobile-first marketing world, too. And that’s a big shift.

Mobile devices forced us marketing and web development peeps to think differently about design and copy. We responded by creating these amazing mobile sites that are all about a clean and easy experience. Why should the desktop experience be any different?

It shouldn’t!

You don’t want to overwhelm or bore website visitors with too much or hard-to-find information. You want to convert them into leads, and these five mobile-first marketing tips are a great place to start.

The #1 tip for mobile-first marketing: don’t bury your message

When someone arrives on your homepage, a blog post or a product landing page, is your main message the first thing they see?

On your home page, that would be your value proposition – how you help your clients. On a blog post, it’s a quick overview. On a landing page, it’s the specific benefits of the product.

Grab their attention so they know they’re in the right place and that you can help them. (You can find more website copywriting tips here.)

2. Keep copy super short 

Mobile sites require a lot of scrolling down. People aren’t going to scroll forever to read your never-ending copy.

You don’t need to repeat yourself so strip out all duplicate information first. Say it once, then move onto your next point.

Then look at the details you’re including. What features or benefits are key to turning visitors into leads? Keep that information and scuttle the rest.

3. Simplify navigation

Too many pages and sub-pages quickly turn into a nightmare. People aren’t going to click around from one page to the next to find what they’re looking for. And if their cell network or WiFi is slow, they’re not going to wait, either.

Combine pages where possible. Do you really need separate about, philosophy and why us web pages? Definitely not.

4. Use a clean interface

A cluttered page is hard to read, and it’s even worse on a mobile device where you have less real estate. White space is your friend! So is one call-to-action per page, one to two fonts, short sentences, and short paragraphs.

A great way to double-check that you’re doing everything right? Visit your website on your smartphone or tablet. Is it easy to get around? Does everything (images, text, buttons) look OK?

5. Choose bold images and colors

There are so many bland stock photos and muted websites out there. You’re not boring, so neither should your website.

Look for stock photos with saturated colors or high contrast or use filters to create that effect. High contrast images are more eye-catching.

Next, look at your brand colors. Can you pull in a contrasting color so your call-to-action buttons stand out?

Use these mobile-first marketing tips to create a better experience on your website, and then come back and tell me: Have you see an increase in leads?

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