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Yes, You Do Need a Content Marketing Strategy 


Want to make your life easier, your marketing more successful, and your revenue higher? Great. Because we are gonna talk about how a content marketing strategy can help you achieve all three. 


What is a content marketing strategy?


A content marketing strategy starts with a goal (or goals) and broadens into a plan for reaching those goals. 


It is completely focused on your ideal clients. What channels are they on? What information are they looking for? How can you show up in the right places at the right time? 


Your strategy may include website content, blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation tools like presentations, case studies, white papers, etc. 


So let’s say THIS is the year you are going to commit to blogging, sending out a regular newsletter, and using your website to generate leads. Your strategy would encompass all those things.


Why we love them


The strategies we create are organized, intentional, and most importantly, doable. Once you have it, there’s no guessing. You know what, when, and how to do it. This frees up your brain space to focus on client work. 


Now, don’t get me wrong. These are not written on concrete slabs. Your strategy can be flexible too. If you win a major industry award (congrats!), you can shift around some things on your content calendar that aren’t time sensitive to make room for the announcement.


But the best part: Your strategy will include what metrics to track so you will know if it’s working. 


Why “winging it” is a recipe for disaster


Now, I know you’re busy. “Ugh – I have NO time to sit down and create a content marketing strategy.”


I get that, trust me.


But if you decide to just “wing it”, you will waste a lot of time and money.


Let’s say you want to expand your offerings beyond small business owners to nonprofits.


Who is the decision maker you need to reach? What are their biggest challenges? What channels are they on? What topics do they care about? How frequently should you be creating content? How do you know if it’s even working?


I think you get my point. Without a strategy, you make decisions with no research or data to back up what you’re doing.


So basically, you’re shooting darts in the dark. Not a smart business move.


How I create a strategy


Creating a content marketing strategy takes some work, but it’s not hard. 


Let’s say I land a new client, and they want their website to work for them and generate leads. Here’s what I would do:


First, we have a discovery call. I ask a bunch of questions about their brand, goals, and ideal clients. During this conversation, I learn that they have years’ worth of case study materials, plus several blog posts that we can turn into a comprehensive guide on Topic X.


After our discovery call, I’m going to research their competition. What kind of lead generation tools do competitors have on their websites? 


If none of them have case studies or guides, that is a huge, missed opportunity we are going to take advantage of. If they do have lead generation tools, I download and read them to see what we’re up against.


Next, I research their ideal clients – where are they? What channels are they on? What information are they searching for?


With discovery and research complete, I can now put together the marketing plan. 


The plan details:

  • How many case studies we are going to create
  • A rough outline of the Comprehensive Guide on Topic X
  • The process for creating these lead generation tools, including landing pages and email lead nurturing campaigns
  • The timeline for rolling these campaigns out. For example, if my client has a big conference coming up in 4 months, we might want to have the Guide done by then so we can use it for lead generation at the conference. 
  • How we are going to track success


After I review the strategy with the client, we get to work implementing the plan.


Imagine the difference a strategy can make for you


If you’ve thought about launching an online course or white paper, at least doing the research will help you know if it’s a good idea or not. No more wondering. You can either ditch the idea or move forward on it.


But here’s the other thing – and this involves a calculator:


How many clients can you get from a new marketing initiative? 


Let’s say you get four new leads per month, on average. Two leads become sales conversations. One converts. 


What is the average lifetime value of your clients? Let’s say it’s $20,000.


If you launch a new marketing initiative and you can double your leads, that means you are probably going to double the number of sales conversations and conversions per month.


Do the math.


Nice, huh?


Now that’s just an example, of course. But this is the power of marketing – and having a solid strategy in place. Get more leads, grow your revenue.


We can help you get there


What marketing ideas have you been kicking around? Let’s at least have a conversation to see if it makes sense for you to pursue it and if we’d be a good fit working together.


Drop me a line here

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