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These Eight New Consumer Segments Are Courtesy of the Pandemic

When we look back on the pandemic, I think we’ll be truly astounded at the rapid, far-reaching and sometimes permanent changes it caused in every aspect of society. I just read about one of the newest changes: eight new consumer segments.


Because these will affect your marketing strategies for at least the first half of 2021 (and possibly longer), let’s dive into what they are.


Eight new consumer segments, courtesy of the pandemic


Two companies (Burke Inc., a marketing research firm, and Seed Strategy, a “growth acceleration” firm – no, I don’t really know what that means either) launched a study to help businesses understand consumers’ mindsets and behaviors. The results were eight distinct segments with different attitudes and purchasing patterns.


The Wayfinders: Concerned youth who fear missing out on what they want their life to be today and in the future.


The Determined: Young Americans trying to maintain their independence and current lifestyle, despite a setback.


The Protective: Vulnerable family units staying safe at home due to health concerns.


The Empathetic: Thriving households that feel a serious responsibility to care for both their family and their community.


The Frazzled: Stressed families struggling to juggle work, childcare, and financial obligations.


The Bold: Independent thinkers who want businesses to get back to “normal” despite the risk.


The Isolated: Worried seniors who have reluctantly sheltered in place to protect their health.


The Enlightened: Secure older adults who use their experience to help others navigate these challenging times.


What does this mean for your marketing?


Even though the study was conducted on consumers who shopped in at least three of five major industries or product categories in the previous month, it’s important to point out that this information does not exclusively affect B2C companies.


Every B2C and B2B company sells to humans. Humans are consumers, period.


Now that we got that clarification out of the way, you need to revisit your ideal client personas. Which new consumer segment(s) overlap with your personas?


Let’s start by identifying the likely age ranges of these segments.


The Wayfinders are teens and college-age kids. The Determined are young adults in their 20s. The Protective, Empathetic and Frazzled are adults in their 30s, 40s and 50s.


The Bold are the risk-takers and likely business owners and leaders of all ages. Meanwhile, the Isolated and Enlightened are those in their 60s, 70s and 80s+.


That helps a lot. My clients fall in one or more of these categories: Protective, Empathetic, Frazzled and Bold. Even though the first three in that group focuses on family, what’s happening at home affects work.


Look at your personas and update their goals, frustrations and motivations. The pandemic has probably caused shifts in all three of those categories.


With updated personas, you can now update your messaging to better connect with prospects and clients. (You might even be able to create new products or services, but that’s another blog post.) I suggest naming what they are feeling, worrying about and struggling with. Then you can explain how you will help them.


It’s also important to share your own struggles, because being vulnerable (aka, being human) builds connections. Want a few ideas for bring a more human approach to your content marketing? You can find some here.


The pandemic has taught us to be flexible and nimble. Use these new consumer segments to guide your marketing through the end of the year and into 2021.


Image by Sebastian Herrmann via Unsplash 

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