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7 Creative and Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work

When it comes to marketing, people are excited about the new – new platforms, new methods and new tools. You rarely hear about the old school marketing tactics that still work.

Well, I was recently featured in this article on G2 in which I – and other marketers – shared our favorite creative marketing tactics. I loved some of the other ideas so much, I got permission to share them with you (a big thanks to the author, Hannah Tow).

7 creative and old school marketing tactics that still work

Set up partnerships

“You should partner with others who can spread your message much farther and faster than you can alone (and this costs nothing except commissions).”

– Shel Horowitz, Marketing Strategist, Green and Profitable

Don’t sell

“Some of my best marketing has been accidental…. [I] changed my Instagram approach from tips about writing and social marketing to just posting my photos. It’s getting me copywriting work. So the lesson is that social media … can yield clients even if you’re not promoting your main service or product.”

– Adam Goulston, Copywriter, Tsujiru

Try guerilla advertising or marketing

Guerrilla advertising is so underutilized in the industry! In this world where social media is at our fingertips, the people that see your marketing attempts will take a picture and post it to all of their social media accounts. This is free marketing!”

– Charlie Worrall, Digital Marketing Executive, Imaginaire Digital 

Give grants

“Instead of dumping thousands of dollars into Facebook ads, we give a $5,000 business grant! It’s a really powerful way to give back, change lives, and market our brand by building a community with our ideal customers.”

– Crystalee Beck, MPC, Cofounder, The Mama Ladder

Mail packages

The one channel that has 100% open rates is packaging. Everyone opens their package when it’s delivered to them, so it’s a perfect opportunity to funnel people into other marketing channels…. It’s a much more effective strategy than relying on email. I have seen this work wonders for e-commerce to increase customer lifetime value.” 

– Steve Krakower, Owner & Founder, Harbor Marketing Agency

Go analog

“Even though so much of marketing is digital, I make it a point to go analog when possible. Marketing is about building relationships, and it’s hard to build a relationship via Instagram. Pick up the phone and call people – don’t text them. Set up in-person meetings – not video calls. Attend events, conferences, and trade shows – don’t spam people on LinkedIn. These are not new ideas, but they are very impactful – and they are still the #1 driver of new business for my agency.”

– Monika Jansen, Head Copywriter & Strategist, Jansen Communications 

Photo by Pixabay from pexels

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