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5 Ways to Tell if Public Speaking Will Generate Leads

Last week, I flew to and from Toronto in one day to present at a conference for talent acquisition professionals. Time will tell if this public speaking gig will generate leads or result in any new clients.

Here’s what I did to help ensure this opportunity pays off.

5 ways to tell if public speaking will generate leads

The organizer has a great reputation

Remember the debacle that was the Fyre Festival? Do your due diligence before saying yes. You don’t want to sully your reputation or regret your involvement.

Of course, the Fyre Festival was an extreme, rare and high-profile scam. But something like it could certainly happen again.

The attendees are your ideal clients

Potential clients and potential ideal clients are two different animals. You want more ideal clients, not could-be-bat-shit-crazy clients.

The event organizer should be able to give you a fairly detailed rundown on who you’ll be speaking to – titles, industries, number of employees, annual revenue, etc. Then you can make a more informed decision.

The audience is fairly big

Even if the audience fits the profile of your ideal client, you don’t know if they need what you sell until you talk to them. That means you need to get in front of as many people as you can.

Public speaking is a numbers game. The bigger the audience, the more likely at least a handful of people will want to hire you.

The organizer will market you

Most public speaking gigs are unpaid, so what is the organizer doing to promote you and your presentation? Ask them about their marketing and promotion plan.

Where and how will the event be marketed? How will you be presented? Based on past experience, how many people will the marketing and promotional plan potentially reach?

You have a free gift for them

Now it’s time for you to do a little work.

You have free downloads on your website, right? Pick one that the audience will find most valuable and send it after the presentation. If you don’t already have something prepared, create a one-pager exclusively for them.

Some event organizers will give you the list of attendees, some won’t. For the ones who won’t, ask if you can collect business cards.

Once you have their emails, you can add them to your email marketing list. When they need what you sell, you will be top of mind.

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