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18 Ways to Repurpose Content for Marketing

If your small business has been around a while, you likely have created a big stack of blog posts, shot a bunch of videos, written an ebook or two and gathered testimonials. Instead of creating even more new stuff, save yourself time and do one of my favorite things: repurpose content for marketing.

One of our clients has gathered a huge list of actionable tips over the years from her blog posts, presentations and one-on-one client consultations. Another client has written several books and co-hosts a popular podcast. Many of our clients have lots of customer success stories.

You think we’re going to let that fabulous content just sit there? Nope – we are putting it to work in new ways.

Here are 18 ways to repurpose content for marketing

Blog posts

  • Combine a handful of blog posts on the same topic to create short, downloadable guides.
  • Take a more comprehensive approach and turn several blog posts on a related topic into an ebook.
  • Turn actionable tips into a worksheet for people to download and fill out.
  • Pull out quotes and tips from blog posts and use a tool like Canva to create graphics that you can share on social media.
  • If you write about your clients’ success, turn those stories into short case studies.
  • Publish your blog posts on LinkedIn (as an article, not an update) and Medium.


  • Write blog posts based on video transcripts (maybe clean it up a bit!).
  • Use video clips from speaking engagements in online ads and promos.
  • Turn your top tips or wisdom into bite-size (60-seconds or less) videos.
  • Use FAQs for live video topics.
  • Conversely, host live videos and use the questions you receive as blog post topics.


  • Give away a chapter – or chapter excerpt – from an ebook to entice people to download (or buy) the entire thing.
  • Turn slides from a presentation into an ebook, or use all the slides for an ebook – and add new “bonus” material.
  • Use the ebook’s introduction for a video.


  • Share testimonials on social media.
  • Highlight at least one testimonial on each page of your website.
  • Use testimonials in ads and promotions.
  • Consider using them in your proposals to build trust quickly.

What else do you repurpose for marketing?

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