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If You Want Revenue Growth in 2020, You Need Content Marketing

Content marketing is notoriously difficult to measure. When you are using a variety of channels, tactics and campaigns, how do you know which one lead to an increase in brand awareness? Or leads? Or sales?


I wrote a blog post earlier this year on how to measure content marketing correctly. That’s a great start. But I still felt like I needed more answers. After all this is something I think about a lot!


So, I asked a few long-term clients – all of whom own B2B companies – what kind of success they’ve seen with content marketing. Here’s what they said.


Content marketing increases brand awareness


“Content marketing does a great job of leading people to the website and putting us out into the world,” said Liz Scott, CEO of Brighter Strategies, a change management consulting company. “This gives us the ability to enter or start a conversation.”


If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, you know how important it is to listen for the opportunity to engage a prospect. Content marketing definitely helps with that.


Let’s say you publish an article on LinkedIn. It could prompt a question from a prospect. Is it because of that one article? Maybe – but it could also be that they’ve been reading your stuff for a year and are ready to take the next step.


Sue Keith, Partner at Ceres Talent, agrees. “We do believe keeping our name top of mind has contributed to our success. When someone is ready to hire, they call us.” Staying top of mind is critical when you operate in a crowded field like Ceres Talent (a marketing job recruitment and placement company).


So, once you have brand awareness, then what? Well, you will eventually see growth.


It is a major driver of revenue growth


Remember, content marketing is a long-term investment. Any seasoned business owner can tell you that.


Liz told me that “this year, we took on an active growth strategy and are looking to increase revenue by 50% – hence our recent marketing investment with you.” I’ll let you know whether she hits her goal, so check back!


In the six years we’ve been working with Ceres Talent, Sue told me that business has roughly doubled. Sue and her business partner Kathy McConnell are very well connected – but of course they can’t be everywhere at once. The blog post we write each month (and send out in an email) allows them to pop onto the radar of their network on a regular basis.


I have saved the best story for last. This one is from Dean Kaplan, President of The Kaplan Group, a commercial collections agency based in California. (I have used them – they are awesome.)


Here’s what Dean told me in an email:


“Several years ago, I initiated content marketing to support SEO. Initially, the cost of these programs was under 10% of revenue. But to achieve some critical mass, I increased spend to between 10% and 15% of revenue for a couple of years. And suddenly we started seeing annual revenue growth of 50% for three straight years.


“Our budget has doubled in size, but now represents less than 5% of revenue, as revenue is up over 400% in seven years.


“The incremental profit during this period shows an ROI of nearly 500% from our digital marketing investments.”


Nice, huh?


If you are ready to invest in content marketing in 2020, give us a shout.

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