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Video Content Trends That Will Impact Marketing

Video has been steadily taking over the Internet for a few years, and – in no surprise to anyone – the pandemic has accelerated this shift. Some of these video content trends have much broader implications for marketing. In fact, some of these changes are substantial.


Video content trends with broad implications


I was reading about video trends in this article when a light bulb went off. The article is really about a massive shift in our behavior (which created these new consumer segments), needs and wants. This is going to have ripple effects for years to come, and it’s definitely going to ripple through marketing.


Let’s dive in.


Relatable content


During the pandemic, we began craving videos that went beyond interesting and funny. We wanted relatable content.


User-generated content tops this list. An eye-popping 92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional advertising.


Advertising isn’t the only sector that’s being impacted. So is influencer marketing. Interest in the “perfect,” aspirational lives of celebrities and mega-influencers has waned, while interest in micro-influencers (5,000 – 100,000 followers) has soared.


Micro-influences are viewed as real people with real lives and real problems. Their posts are more authentic and focus on real-world situations we have all experienced.


What does this mean for your marketing?


First, be you! I have been saying this for years, and I’ll continue to shout it from the rooftops. People want to buy from people they like.


Second, be vulnerable. Share your mistakes, shitty days and biggest struggles. No one is perfect. Embrace it.


Third, double down on asking for LinkedIn recommendations, Google reviews, testimonials, customer stories and referrals. This all falls under the category of user-generated content.


Positive content


Social media can be incredibly toxic. Doomscrolling is not a healthy obsession. People are angry (the Capitol riot was not fueled by cupcakes and daisies). We are stretched to the max.


We need positive content.


According to Alphabet (Google’s parent company), YouTube views for guided meditation videos increased by 40% since the pandemic began and viewership of videos related to “nature sounds” has increased by 25%.


This comes as no surprise to me. I was obsessed with this live feed from the sheep barn at an animal sanctuary in the early days of the pandemic. Think the sound of sheep munching on straw is weird? Nope. It’s soothing.


What does this mean for your marketing?


Above I said people love content that’s funny and interesting, but I want you to think beyond creating clever memes or parody videos (which most of us aren’t going to anyway – me included).


Go back to basics and think about your tone of voice when you’re writing. If you tend to keep things neutral and buttoned up, can you lighten things up? Add a little energy, humor or slang?


We have a client who sends us delightful, emoji-filled emails. They feel like a big hug. Whenever I see one land in my inbox, I break into a big smile.


People remember how you make them feel. When a prospect is ready to make a purchase, you want them to remember you. Spreading positivity can do that.


Educational content


In this report by Google, 65% of people said they are re-evaluating their lives and their goals right now. As a result, 58% reported that they are using digital video to learn new skills.


And guess what? When the pandemic is over, they’re not going to go back to sitting on their hands and wishing for a better life. Many people who were hesitant to make big changes were forced to during the pandemic. Now they know they can do it, and their successes will inspire others to act.


What does this mean for your marketing?


Have you been thinking of creating an online course, video tutorial or workbook? This is the time to do it. Sharing your expertise is a critical part of marketing, and creating a new, passive income stream is just smart business.


This isn’t one-and-done. Continue to brainstorm the educational content you can put out into the world. Create it. Launch it. Your lead generation efforts thank you in advance.


What trends are you most excited about?


I want to hear from you. Which of these trends are most intriguing? What do you want to implement first?


If this discussion of trends leaves you feeling overwhelmed, I get it. We provide content marketing support to busy small business owners and marketing executives who don’t have the time to do everything but still have ambitious goals to meet. We’d love to help you put together a content marketing strategy that includes some of these trends. Just shoot us a note here.


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