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Video Marketing: Is it Still a Thing in 2020?

Let’s cut right to the chase: yes, video marketing is still a thing in 2020. In fact, it’s more important than ever.


People love videos


When it comes to content, 54% of consumers prefer to watch videos from brands*. In fact, they like it so much that a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by over 80%. And, if you mention “video” in an email subject line, open rates go up by 19%.


Here’s my favorite stat: 90% of people say videos help them make buying decisions. This is certainly true in my family. My 13-year old son watched demo videos of boot bags (for hauling around skiing and snowboarding gear) to determine which brand my family should buy. It might seem like overkill, but hey, boot bags aren’t cheap.


Social networks are video networks


Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube are video networks. Between Stories and livestreaming capabilities, Instagram and Facebook are evolving into video-only networks. LinkedIn is the outlier here, though I have a seen a big uptick in videos on the network recently.


It doesn’t matter if you are a video junkie (like my teenagers) or loathe the medium. If your ideal customers watch videos, you need to make videos.


Not sure where your customers sit on the video-love spectrum? Experiment. Start creating and posting short videos on social media. Alternate the videos with articles and photos. Watch what people engage with, and you have your answer.


Video marketing isn’t hard


Before you start making excuses about why you can’t make videos, trust me when I say they are quick and easy to do.


They don’t have to be long. They don’t have to be slick. They don’t require an Editor, Producer or fancy DSLR camera.


They require three things: your expertise, a mobile phone with a great camera and a script or talking points.


Here’s how to get started:


Pick three to five FAQs – ones you field from potential customers all the time. For each FAQ, write out your answer, or at least your talking points. If you can record a video with only talking points, awesome. You are a certified rock star, and I bow down to you.


If you need to read your answer, that’s fine. Write out a short script, and don’t forget to keep it conversational. When you record your video, you want to sound like you and not a robot.


Now it’s time to record your video. Because reading a script in front of a camera can look super obvious, I suggest using the Teleprompter app. It’s free (to a certain point) and easy to use.


Once you record your video, download it to your computer. You can share it straight to social or take the extra step of downloading it to YouTube, adding subtitles and then sharing on social.


*Stats courtesy of HubSpot.

Image by Terje Sollie via Pexels 

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