Head Kick-Ass Copywriter and Strategist



Way back in 7th grade, my English teacher Mrs. Gildard told me I should be a writer – she was pretty smart, huh? There’s a lot of power in the written word, and I use it to tell stories and create an emotional connection with the reader.

Jansen Communications allows me to do that for you – companies and brands of all shapes and sizes. Since launching in 2009, my focus has been on creating fresh, to-the-point, and engaging copy that is rooted in serious marketing strategy. I take a very collaborative, transparent approach to all client engagements so my team can deliver impactful results.


When I am not hunched over my Mac, I hang out with my husband, kids, and friends. I love to snowboard, spend time on the beach, travel, cook up fantastic feasts, drink wine, and laugh as much as possible.


Senior Copywriter and Strategist Extraordinaire

Marta Segal Block, Jansen Communications Senior Copywriter and Strategist


The first thing I remember wanting to do as a career was be a gas station attendant. I really liked the idea of getting to wear dirty clothes to work. Later of course I discovered that there really aren’t a lot of gas station attendant jobs out there. So I became a writer instead.


My first professional writing job was as a comedy/trivia writer for the popular CD-ROM game show, You Don’t Know Jack. Since then I’ve written about just about everything from chemistry to weddings in every format from print publishing to online content. I specialize in developing content strategy and creating engaging content for small businesses.


When I’m not writing you’ll probably find me in my minivan shuttling kids between activities. Being a writer and a mother may not be as romantic as the life I envisioned as a gas station attendant, but I do occasionally wear dirty clothes to work.


Senior Crazy-Good Copywriter

Terri Kaufman, Jansen Communications Senior Copywriter


I was the kid who put the elementary-school crossing guard on high alert, my nose stuck in a book even while the rest of me was in motion. Though I never got run over (well, not counting the motorcycle incident), I had plenty of other adventures in my life to fill a book or two. But somehow my fiction writing attempts never met my own high standards. So I pursued a communications career that always included writing – TV and video scripts, PR campaign materials, and now web and digital marketing content.


Things that make life meaningful for me are traveling with my husband, tasting new foods, and spending time with our grown sons. When I’m not working I’m often out walking my sweet Labradoodle, my nose to my iPhone. Some things never change.


Senior Copywriter and Token Male

Greg Voornas - Jansen Communications Senior Copywriter


Most of my wacky career has been spent in the big-agency world – Ogilvy & Mather, Foote Cone & Belding, Bozell, Young & Rubicam, Wells Rich Greene, Dailey & Associates.


I’ve been lucky enough to write for a ton of great clients – from IBM and Microsoft to Honda, Mazda, Mattel, Chase Manhattan Bank, even the U.S. Postal Service. B2B. B2C. B2Whatever.


My approach is simple: make it interesting. Whether it’s a postcard or business card, TV campaign or social media campaign, make it interesting. As the great David Ogilvy once told a client: “You cannot bore people into buying your product.” Bingo.


Copywriting Queen


I feel like writing has always been a part of my life, though much of it remains hidden from the world in notebooks and computer files waiting to become books off my bucket list or on my blog. Most of my personal writing focuses on processing the world around me with a snarky and relatable viewpoint. Professionally, I spent about a decade writing and editing information assurance policy for government clients.


When I’m not supporting our amazing Jansen Communications clients, I’m focused on my handmade product business that I began early 2014 and other entrepreneurial ventures. I’m based in Loudoun County, Virginia where my life is centered on being the best mom to the most amazing daughter and sweetest kitty anyone could dream of.

Rob McGee

Social Media Strategist and Bon Vivant

Rob McGee Social Media Strategist


I guess you could say I started my social media career “late” in the game, but in reality it was perfect timing (2009). While working at a small t-shirt printing company in my mid 20s, I realized that businesses were using social media to share products and ideas with their customers. I convinced our leadership that we should be doing the same because it was free (those were the days!), we were a totally cool company, and well, I had a marketing degree. They were sold.


Fast forward to 2020. I’ve taken the knowledge from that position in my hometown and added 10+ years of experience running social campaigns in a variety of categories like spirits, CPG, insurance, hospitality, and so on to create a skillset that isn’t just boots on the ground, but integrated into all consumer touchpoints.


Understanding the bigger picture is just part of who I am. From social media marketing, to working on motorcycles, when making espresso, and figuring out how my dog keeps getting the trash bag out of the bin without knocking anything over. I love that there’s always something to learn in work and life — and you can bet that I’m always up for the challenge.


Awesome Assistant to CEO

KARELYN LAMBERT | Assistant Jansen Communications


I’ve always found a special joy in learning new things and challenging myself to think outside the box. When I set out to learn something, there’s nothing that can deter my mission. In school I was the grammar/drama nerd. I’m happy to say that not much has changed since then.


For sixteen years, I have cultivated my experience in the Executive Administrative field with positions at companies including Whitney National Bank, AT&T, the City of New Orleans, and Quick Test Heakin Research. In 2011, I decided to start my journey as an Executive Virtual E-ssistant.


When I’m not helping savvy small business owners spend less time on administrative tasks, you’ll find me in Metairie, Louisiana with my husband and our three kids, two dogs, and one cat. In my spare time, I love reading, writing, cooking, and performing.