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10 of Our Favorite LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Even though LinkedIn sometimes annoys me (why are company pages practically hidden?), it remains the best B2B marketing platform out there. Rip a page from our book, and put our favorite LinkedIn marketing tips to work for you.

1. Check it every day

Do you check Facebook every day? What about Instagram? So why are you ignoring LinkedIn?

Don’t let your LinkedIn network go to waste! Go through your news feed and like/comment on stuff. This will help keep you top-of-mind with those in your network. Really love something? Share it.

Respond to comments left on your posts, and look at who’s viewing your posts or profile. Can you reach out and say hi? Ask how you can help them?

2. Personalize your ads

I was targeted by an ad that included my name and LinkedIn profile photo alongside the name and profile photo of the person selling their service. Creepy? Nope, brilliant.

Even though I didn’t click on it, it caught my eye, I remember it and now I’m telling you about it. The next time you run an ad on LinkedIn, make sure it’s highly targeted to your ideal client – and includes their name.

3. Post images

One of our clients is a search firm, so you’d think their job postings would get tons of attention. They didn’t – until we started adding photos. Then engagement and response levels took off.

If you’re out and about at a networking event, conference or trade show, share photos (and make sure they follow your brand image guidelines). Facebook might come to mind first, but do your friends really care? Maybe. But I bet your business network cares more.

4. Use LinkedIn video

Yes, LinkedIn has built-in video now! I was so excited when I saw this feature roll out. I had been doing Facebook Live since February, and it was getting expensive. If I wanted people to see it, I had to boost it.

It’s a completely different ball game at LinkedIn. It’s not live video, you can only post via the LinkedIn app on your phone and it can take a while to load – but I’m really liking it so far. You don’t have to pay to get your video seen, plus video stands out so much on LinkedIn that my first one (about social media marketing) got a huge response.

Pick a hot topic that people ask you about all the time. Record a short (5 minutes or less) video on it. Publish – and see what happens.

5. Share happy news

No one is going to toot your horn, so you might as well do it. Share the award you were nominated for – or just won – and why it’s so meaningful to you. Were you invited to join a board? Talk about the board’s work and why you’re excited to be a part of it.

6. Tag your clients

Just like the other social media platforms, you can tag people. They’ll see the notification – and so will everyone in their network. When you complete a client project, announce it on LinkedIn, tag them, add a photo – and watch engagement levels go up.

7. Ask for introductions

A few of my very well-connected friends have told me to go through their networks and find people I want to meet; they’ll make the introductions. And guess what? They are more than happy to (and I’m always happy to reciprocate).

To make these introductions painless for whoever you’re asking, write the introductory message. What do you do? How can you help them? Why do you want to meet them?

8. Post updates, not just articles

A friend of mine has been experimenting with updates over articles on LinkedIn. Yes, he has a big network, but his updates are getting tons of comments and people are even tagging their friends in comments (sounds like Facebook, doesn’t it?).

While it is definitely a good idea to publish blog posts and articles on LinkedIn, experiment with shorter updates to see what happens.

9. Take advantage of trending topics

My team is loving this new feature, especially because it’s helping us find articles to publish on our clients’ networks. To the right of your news feed, you’ll see “What people are talking about now,” followed by a list of about five articles. You can click an arrow to see more.

Use it to share hot industry news with your audience, find inspiration for a blog post or create an offer tied to the news (if a report shows that stress levels are up ahead of Election Day, a spa could offer a discount on massages).

10. Get recommendations

This is one of my favorite LinkedIn marketing tips because it’s so powerful. Recommendations and reviews carry a lot of weight, provide validation and demonstrate that you do what you say you do. It doesn’t matter if a potential client doesn’t know the person making the recommendation. It will still help influence their purchase decision.

On a monthly or quarterly basis, reach out to clients. Ask for a 2-3 sentence recommendation, and provide guidance around what you’d like them to say. Quick, easy and super effective.

Did I miss any LinkedIn marketing tips? What is your surefire way to attract potential clients on LinkedIn?

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