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12 New Pinterest Features Just in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season

There are 60 shopping days between now and Christmas – and you have 12 new Pinterest features to help your B2C business make the most of the holiday season.  Three of the new features improve the shopping experience, which can impact your sales. The other nine features are focused on ad creation, targeting and metrics.

Let’s dive in!

3 New Shopper-Focused Pinterest Features

During testing of these three features, Pinterest saw a 40 percent increase in clicks to products on retail sites. Imagine what that could mean for your retail business over the next two months!

Up-to-date pricing and stock information

Product Pins are replacing the older Buyable Pins format, and they will now include more accurate information. Is the product on sale? That new price will be reflected in the Pin. Is it backordered? Shoppers will see that info, too.

The Pins also include links that take shoppers directly to your website, where they can place an order in a few clicks.

“Products like this” category

You’ll be able to piggy-back off other Product Pins – if you’re selling items in the fashion and home décor categories. Under these Pins, shoppers will see similar products that Pinterest thinks they will like. How very Amazon of them.

All recommended Pins will be shoppable and in stock. This is such a great way to get more exposure for your own products.

Shopping shortcut

As a user scrolls through her feed, she can hold down a Home or Style Pin and click the shopping tag. This will send her directly to a shopping feed with in-stock and related products for that Pin. Again, a very Amazon – and very handy – feature.

This cool shortcut is currently available for iOS apps; Android is coming soon.

9 New Brand-Focused Features

Some of these Pinterest features are small tweaks, some are big – all are very useful!

Campaign ad creation

As an advertiser, you now have a lot more flexibility. You can pause a campaign before making it live; select multiple Pins to promote at once, and test and optimize your ads as you duplicate top campaigns.


So you can better reach the right people, you can now choose placement options for separate browse and search strategies at the ad group level. You’ll also receive targeting guidance from audience sizing and the Audience Insights tool, and you can potentially reach a lot more shoppers by using “updated interests”.


Improving your ads just got easier! You can optimize multiple ads at once in the revamped reporting dashboard; identify and promote top-performing organic Pins, and track the monthly viewers number on your profile.

You can find more details on these new Pinterest features here and here.

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