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10 Steps To the Best 2017 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Blink – and before you know it, we’ll be swigging champagne on New Year’s Eve.

Get ready for 2017 now so you can start kicking ass on social media as soon as the new year hits. Here are 10 things to do for your best-ever 2017 social media marketing strategy:

1. Identify the topics and content that resonate

First things first, review the posts and tweets that got the most engagement – the most likes, shares, and comments. What topics or type of content did they include? That is the information your target market cares about, so that is what you want to share more of.

2. Focus on the channels that work

No matter how many experts say you “should” be on this channel or that, remember that they don’t know your business. If you are getting zero traction on, say on LinkedIn, but tons of Facebook traffic and likes, then drop LinkedIn. If it’s not working, it’s not working.

3. Commit to trying at least one new tactic

Have you been thinking of trying something new? A new year is a perfect excuse to do it! You could hold a contest, start a podcast, or try out Facebook Live.

4. Integrate keywords

One very simple thing that can make a big difference is integrating keywords into your social media posts. It will help make your posts and businesses more findable, both via a web search and searches conducted within the social media channel.  (On Twitter and Instagram, this means turning your keywords into hashtags.)

5. Share testimonials

This is something new we’ve started doing for Jansen Communications, and it’s working so far. Simply turn client testimonials into pretty images on Canva. Video is another great option – if you you’re able to and get permission, film your customers sharing their positive experience with your company and share it.

6. Follow influencers

Make a list of influencers and start following them on Twitter and Instagram. If they have a group on LinkedIn, join it. If they have a Facebook Page, like it. Engage with them to get on their radar. Share and comment on their stuff.

Why bother? If they mention your small business, you could see a flood of new clients and sales.

7. Share more videos

There really is no such thing as too much visual content on social media. You’re already good at sharing photos and images, so step up your game and start sharing more video. Your video productions do not need to be slick, they just need to be authentic and useful.

8. Update your profiles

Set aside some time to read through and update your social media profiles. While you’re at it, make sure they’re filled out completely and that your contact information is correct.

9. Commit enough time to be successful

You cannot “do” social media marketing in five minutes a day – at least not if you want to be successful.

You want to share your own content, of course, but you also need to spend time being social – listening to what others are saying, joining conversations, and sharing valuable information you find.

10. Schedule monthly reviews on your calendar

To keep the momentum going, schedule time each month to look through your stats and see what worked and what didn’t. Staying on top of things allows you to continually tweak your strategy and build on your successes.

Are you short on time, but really want to get social media marketing going in 2017? Our fantastic team can help – contact us today to learn how!

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