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9 Social Media Marketing Tips For the Holidays

On Monday morning, I was just finishing up a meeting with my accountant (who’s amazing, btw) at a Starbucks. In a mall. Which happens to be a super high-end mall. Like Rodeo Drive or Madison Avenue high end.

Anyway, I stand up, turn, and what do I see? Christmas trees in Neiman Marcus. Lots of Christmas trees. Lots of beautifully decorated Christmas trees.


And then I remembered that last week, I wrote a blog post about email marketing for the holidays. So now I’m the hypocrite, because yes, the holidays are already on my mind. I guess I just wasn’t ready to see the holidays, you know?

But honestly, this really is the time to start thinking about holiday marketing, so here are 9 social media marketing tips for the holidays that any business can use:

1. Start with a specific goal

This is the most important of all the social media marketing tips, so don’t gloss over this part.

If you’re a B2C small business, you probably want to drive sales. But do you want to drive people to your ecommerce site or into your store, or both? Do you want to experiment with social selling via Pinterest or Facebook?

If you’re B2B, maybe you want to increase brand awareness and grow your community by sharing super helpful and actionable ways to survive (or make the most of) the busy holiday season. Or you could run a contest. Or you could promote a new service coming in January.

The more specific your goals, the better your chances of achieving them.

2. Do some basic analysis

You’ll want to look at what worked for social media marketing during the holidays last year, of course. But go beyond that and look at what has been working for the entire year, too. This basic analysis is invaluable, as it’ll ensure you’re delivering content during the holidays that your audience already loves.

3. Map out your promotions

Open up your editorial calendar and map out your sales, promotions, contests, and overall topics. Use broad categories, such as “November 1 – 15 = pre holiday promotions for XYZ services.” Then go back in and add specifics around hashtags (tied to the keywords you want to be found for) and copy for each social media platform you’ll be using.

4. Integrate some inspirational posts

The holiday season is a time of warmth, love, and peace. Set aside one or two days each week from November though New Year’s to share original or curated inspirational, holiday-related posts.

5. Show customer love (and make their lives easier)

Because pretty much everyone seems to be busy and overwhelmed during the holidays, think of ways you can make your customers/clients lives easier. Can you create a list of time-saving tips, productivity apps, local services, etc. that you both love and use? Can you offer free delivery?

6. Share personal photos

Of course you’ll be sharing beautiful photos and graphics during the holidays, but don’t be afraid to get personal. It’s the best way to strengthen the connection your customers/clients have with your brand. Share photos of your family enjoying the holidays in the past – or even you as a child – and ask your team members if they’d like to do the same.

7. Promote a local charity

If you already partner with and/or support a local charity, share inspirational stories of how the charity has helped improve local lives. Again, the more personal the stories, the better.

8. Get your fans involved

Let your fans and followers participate in the fun. Ask them to share their favorite holiday memory, tradition, photo, cookie recipe, punch recipe, movie, song, etc. You might be surprised at the response (especially where nostalgia is concerned).

9. Highlight business partners and vendors

Spread holiday cheer by shining the light on the partners and vendors your business cannot live without. It’s another great way for letting your audience get to know your brand better.

Need help putting together a kick ass social media marketing strategy for the holidays? And do you need help implementing it? Drop me a line here. 



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