Content Curation: The Secret to Being a Rock Star Social Media Marketer

A ridiculous amount of content is being created and shared every day. Some of it is good, some of it sucks, and some of it is filled with outstanding ideas. If you want to rock social media, content curation is key.


One, you look brilliant by sharing valuable information.

Two, it cuts down on the amount of content you have to create.

Three, it helps you stay active on social media.

Four, it gets you on the radar of big shots in your industry (when you share their stuff).

Five, you’ll become a go-to source for high-quality information.

We do it all the time for our clients and for Jansen Communications, so we see all of this firsthand. Here’s how we approach content curation – feel free to rip a page from our book:

Identify top influencers and thought leaders

Because there’s so much garbage out there, the first place to start is with a list of the top peeps in your industry. You probably know who most of them are, but do a search (using top industry keywords) to ensure you don’t leave anyone out.

You might also want to scroll through the feeds of influencers and thought leaders, too. What are they sharing? You might find some incredibly hidden gems of great information.

Make a note on your calendar to cull this list after 3-6 months. You’ll know by then whose writing and idea resonate with you, and whose fall completely flat. Just because they’re a thought leader doesn’t mean you have to admire their work.

Subscribe to sites and newsletters

You can use a feed reader service like Feedly (arguably the most popular one out there), or you can send everything to your inbox. I choose the email route because I feel like I have more control over what I see, what I delete, and what I keep. To avoid overwhelm, I check the two folders (updates and promotions) that Google chucks these emails into (once or twice a day).

Choose your channels

We do not share curated content on every single marketing channel because we don’t want to send our audience (or our clients’ audiences) to another company’s website. It will likely take some experimenting to see which social media channels are best for you. Where will your audience most likely see what you’re sharing, and where will they engage with it?

For Jansen Communications, that place is Twitter. For you, it might be Instagram or LinkedIn.

Set aside time each week to read

One of the biggest benefits of content curation is that you get to stay on top of the newest trends, ideas, and changes in your industry. I spent at least 90 minutes reading each week, and I learn a ton as I go. I consider it my continuing education.

As you read, pull out the best articles and pop the link (URL) into a spreadsheet. (I delete all the email tracking code in the URL, but you don’t have to, and I put the URLs into one column.) I have found it goes far faster to organize everything in a spreadsheet as you read, and then create posts en masse.

Write copy

In the spreadsheet, create a column next to the URL for your post copy. And now write post copy that explains why you think this article or video is so awesome. Add some context so people know why they should read it. Include hashtags and tag the author or source (depending on the social channel you’re using).

Here’s a sample of tweets that I wrote for a few articles I curated last month:

  • A must-read: why #UX is critical to business success <link> via @briansolis
  • How brands are using #InstagramStories for #marketing <link> Great data via @adhutchinson
  • Awesome advice on how to A/B test #Facebook ads <link> via @4zri3l
  • Do you know about these hidden #Snapchat features? <link> via @lkolow #marketing
  • 4 clever ways to boost #ecommerce #sales <link> via @DholakiyaPratik ‏

Only share the best stuff

Make damn sure that the content you’re curating is really, really good. None of us have time to waste reading shitty, click-bait, SEO-first articles. What you share is a reflection of you. Share crap, people will think you’re crap. Share only the most worthwhile stuff out there, and people will think you’re a rock star.

No time for content curation?

Drop us a line – we’ll be happy to help!

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