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3 Signs it’s Time to Ditch Facebook Marketing

Thinking about ditching Facebook marketing? Maybe you just need to look at new ways to increase engagement. Or, maybe it’s time to pull the plug. How can you tell?

3 signs it’s time to ditch Facebook marketing

This is a conversation we have often with our clients, many of whom have been using Facebook since before it was “pay to play”. Generally speaking, if you’re B2B, ditch Facebook marketing. It’s a waste of time and money. If you’re B2C, it might still be an appropriate platform for your business, but of course that depends on a few factors.

Engagement levels continue to drop, no matter what you do

Whether it’s organic posts, boosted posts, or ads, your engagement levels on Facebook continue to decline. This could be due to yet another algorithm change, your message or a change in user behavior.

To find out if it’s an algorithm change, do a quick Google search. If the answer is yes, you’ll typically find tips from people on how to overcome or work around the change.

If it’s your message and you’ve been doing social media in-house, it might be time to work with an agency or freelancer. If you’re already working with someone outside the company, it might be time for a change.

If it’s neither of the above – algorithms didn’t change and your messages are working elsewhere (like in email) – it could be user behavior. See below.

Your customers are no longer actively using Facebook

As I’m sure you’re aware, Millennials and Gen Z do not use Facebook. That means you had been reaching Gen X and Baby Boomers, but now you’re not.

I know a lot of people who have been taking breaks from Facebook. Sometimes for a week, sometimes for a few months. Some people have ditched the platform entirely, especially in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and continuing questions about what, exactly, is secure and private on Facebook (the answer is “pretty much nothing”).

Also keep in mind seasonality. I am writing this blog post in July. For many parts of the country, June, July and August are vacation season. Some people tune out during vacation, so lower engagement levels could be a temporary blip.

Reason notwithstanding, if your customers are no longer active, ditch Facebook marketing. It won’t work without them.

You tried to scale back on Facebook advertising

As soon as one of our clients scaled back her Facebook advertising, visits to her website plummeted. If you try to do the same, I am very willing to bet you will see similar results.

This is very frustrating if you have a devoted following on Facebook. It’s worse if Facebook marketing was hugely successful for you before “pay to play” was born. Unfortunately, you have no say in the rules. The rules have changed, so you have to change with them.

Now, if you have not scaled back Facebook advertising, it could be that your message and/or targeting parameters need to change. Start experimenting more.

It might also be worthwhile to create a focus group of your best customers. Run your messages by them and get their feedback; it will be invaluable and worth your time.

What to do after ditching Facebook

If you decide to ditch Facebook marketing, look for an alternative social media platform (this blog post can help you choose one).

Still not sure whether or not to ditch it? Sign up for a free audit, and we can help you make the decision.

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