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How to Kick Ass With LinkedIn Marketing

I firmly believe that LinkedIn is underutilized and undervalued – especially by small business owners. LinkedIn marketing should absolutely be part of your marketing strategy simply because people go there to find expert advice, useful information, new clients, and vendors.

So let’s all agree that we’ll stop treating it like a red-headed step child. Here’s how to kick ass with LinkedIn marketing:

Be social

Because it’s completely business focused, I think we sometimes forget that LinkedIn is a social media platform. It’s OK to be social! And in fact, you will stand out for liking, commenting on, and sharing other people’s posts – because so few people do it.

But what really works to your advantage is this: People are on LinkedIn to find valuable business information. This is THE place to share your knowledge! People are looking for what you have to offer!

Create a strong title

Your title is extremely prominent on LinkedIn. Besides your name, it’s the first thing people see when they do a search or are scrolling through their feed. Make sure your title is descriptive and impactful.

Write a kick-ass summary

Your summary is at the top of your profile for a reason. People read it. Don’t ignore it, or, heaven forbid, be boring.

Let your personality shine through and tell your story. Why do you do what you do? What inspires you? What are your greatest professional accomplishments? How do you help your clients?

Integrate keywords

This all goes back to the search function on LinkedIn. Make sure your profile contains the keywords you want to be found for!

Share your content

Of course, you want to share all blog posts and articles you write on LinkedIn. Bonus points for sharing articles from thought leaders, too. Add context around why you love the article (What did you learn? Why should others read it?).

If you have videos, podcasts, presentations, or a portfolio of (visual) work, share that stuff too!

Always include an image or video

When you share something that is text-based, like a blog post, make sure you also upload the image that you already used on your website. Was your article published elsewhere? Take the time to find a great image to accompany it to ensure your update stands out in everyone’s news feeds.

Grow your network

I try to make it a habit of connecting with everyone I meet (who I like) on LinkedIn. But you can also ask for introductions from those in your network– or reach out to total strangers. If you use either of these options, be sure you are crystal clear about the value you bring to the table (aka, why would someone want to connect with you? How can you help them?).

Find prospective clients

Those introductions I mentioned above? They can absolutely be to people you think are great prospects.

Get recommendations

The best way to build credibility with people who don’t know you is via recommendations. Ask for them on a regular basis. In fact, make it part of your client engagement process. Once the project is complete, automatically ask for a recommendation. Make it easier to get a recommendation by asking for specific feedback, whether it’s on quality of work, level of customer service, or results.

Add your contact information

One of my favorite features on LinkedIn is “Contact and Personal Info.” It appears on the right side of a person’s profile. Click on “Show More” and their contact info appears. Make sure your email address AND phone number show up so people can easily reach you.

Want to kick ass on other social media networks? Awesome – because this is the fourth blog post in our Social Media Marketing for Small Business Series. If you liked this post on LinkedIn marketing, check out our blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Happy reading!

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