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How to Kick Ass with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a firehose of information. Always has been, always will be. So in order to cut through the noise, you need some Twitter marketing tricks up your sleeve – and I have some!

As we continue our Social Media Marketing for Small Business Series, it’s time to dive into Twitter so you can start kicking ass sooner rather than later. (You can find our first post on Facebook marketing here.)

Use hashtags in your bio

Whether your Twitter account is for you or your company (or you have both), use hashtags in your bio/about. Your account will pop up in search results when someone searches for that hashtag, making you more visible.

Understand how to use hashtags in tweets

On Instagram, you can add as many hashtags as you want. In fact, the more the merrier. On Twitter, the opposite is true. Use one or two hashtags per tweet, otherwise it looks super spammy.

Tweet your content more than once

Even though Twitter’s algorithm pushes the most interesting stuff to the top of your feed (like most social platforms), it’s still a non-stop flow of information. Meaning, it’s easy for your tweets to get lost.

Therefore, tweet your latest blog post more than once. Yes, this is different than what you do on other social networks, but, well, Twitter marketing is a different beast. You can even tweet one blog post a dozen or 20 times – up to you. Use a scheduling tool like TweetDeck to make this process go faster.

Follow and engage with clients, vendors, and your network

As you build your Twitter following, start with following your clients, vendors, employees, prospective clients, and those in your network. But don’t stop there – engage with them, too. Like and respond to their tweets. They’ll notice.

Even better: you will be on the radar (and hopefully top of mind) for prospective clients and those in your network who aren’t even leads yet.

Curate and share useful tweets

“Useful” is in the eye of the beholder. In this case, we’re talking about your target market. What information do they care about? What will help them?

When I share curated information, I always include why I like the article or video so much. Context is helpful, and it helps position me as a thought leader.

Retweet wisely

When retweeting, add some context – just as I suggested above. It’s so easy to randomly RT stuff. You want to be known for sharing nothing but useful info, so add a quick “Must-read!” or something like that.

@Mention people in tweets

When retweeting or curating content, I also @mention the author or source of the original article or video. Twitter is very quid pro quo, so they’ll be more likely to share my tweets.

And I follow them. It helps me grow my own following because people typically follow you back.

Respond to people

Remember – social media is social, so this is important to your Twitter marketing strategy. If someone likes or RTs your tweet, respond – especially when you are just building your presence on Twitter. Once you have a nice big community, you’ll probably only have time to respond to those you mention you. Just make sure you take the time to do it!

Participate in Twitter chats

Not all Twitter chats are created equal, so you might have to join a bunch before you figure out the right fit for you. Start your search on TweetChat.

Look at your analytics

You can dive into Twitter’s built-in analytics platform weekly or monthly. See what people are engaging with, what they’re not, and tweak your strategy. Need fresh ideas? Check out your competitors. What are they sharing that’s getting engagement?

Have any other questions about Twitter marketing? Need an expert’s opinion about your strategy? Contact us today – we’re happy to help!

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