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Master LinkedIn Marketing with These 10 Tips

Are you ready to master LinkedIn marketing this year? Sweet! If you’re a lawyer, Realtor, consultant or coach, building thought leadership on this platform can make a big difference to your marketing and business goals this year.


Let’s not waste any time, then. These ten tried-and-true tips are a great way to start.


Share your brilliance


Professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs visit LinkedIn to learn, read, grow and be inspired. You’re an expert, so why shouldn’t they be reading your stuff?


Ideally, you’ll publish one article per week. Note that publishing is different from just sharing a link to the blog on your website. Publishing articles gets more views and engagement.


Curate news and articles


Every once in a while, share industry news and articles from other thought leaders. Spend a minute or two writing a brief comment about why this information is so important, or what you learned from it.


Don’t share curated articles more than once a week (and watch out for these other curation pitfalls). Though it’s important to demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, you want your own articles to have more exposure.


Post fun or inspiring photos or videos


A friend of mine owns a large digital marketing agency, and unlike many marketing leaders, he shares a lot of great stuff on LinkedIn. (I don’t know why marketers suck at LinkedIn marketing – but that’s another topic.)


Some are quotes, some are graphics, some are photos, and some are videos. They are all business-related, and they are either entertaining, thought-provoking or hilarious. Here’s an example:


Encourage conversation


Ask questions in your posts to encourage conversations. Posts with conversations are prioritized over posts with a lot of shares. Plus, users are also more likely to see posts from people they know (rather than posts from second connections) and topics they care about.


Interact with your network


Don’t let your LinkedIn network go to waste! Go through your news feed and like/comment on stuff. This will help keep you top-of-mind with those in your network. Really love something? Share it.


Respond to comments left on your posts and look at who’s viewing your posts or profile. Can you reach out and say hi? Ask how you can help them?


Post images and photos


One of our clients is an executive search firm, so you’d think their job postings would get tons of attention. They didn’t – until we started adding custom-made images. Then engagement and response levels took off.


In the Before Times, I encouraged people to post photos from events, conferences and trade shows. It’ll be months before we are back to in-person events. For now, share photos of your dog working alongside you, the view from your home office and the racks of abandoned work clothes in your closet.


Try LinkedIn video


Unless you spend time on your LinkedIn mobile app, you might not realize they have a built-in video feature. Video stands out, so it’s worth a try.


Just keep the videos short – a minute or less. Answer a question people ask you all the time or share a quick tip. Publish – and see what happens.


Share good news


We love to celebrate the people in our lives, so make it easy for others to celebrate you. When you appear on a podcast or are quoted in an article, share it. When you are nominated for or win an award, share it (along with why it’s so meaningful to you).


Were you invited to join a board? Talk about the board’s work and why you’re excited to be a part of it.


Ask for introductions


A few of my very well-connected friends have told me to go through their networks and find people I want to meet; they’ll make the introductions. And guess what? They are more than happy to (and I’m always happy to reciprocate).


To make these introductions painless for whoever you’re asking, write the introductory message. What do you do? How can you help them? Why do you want to meet them?


Get recommendations


Recommendations and reviews carry a lot of weight, provide validation and demonstrate that you do what you say you do. It doesn’t matter if a potential client doesn’t know the person making the recommendation. It will still help influence their purchase decision.


On a monthly or quarterly basis, reach out to clients. Ask for a two- or three-sentence recommendation and provide guidance around what you’d like them to say. Quick, easy and super effective.


Image by inlytics via Unsplash 

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