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How to Get More Social Media Followers

One of the most common questions I hear from small business owners is how to get more social media followers. One of our new clients was told point-blank by a book publisher that she needs to dramatically increase the number of followers she has before her book is released into the world.

No pressure!

It’s not hard to grow your following, but you must be really diligent about it.

Here’s how to get more social media followers on the five biggest networks:


Ask your friends to like your page

If you haven’t done this yet – or haven’t done it in a while – invite your personal friends to like your company’s Facebook page. If you have employees, ask them to do so as well.

Hold a contest

The contest needn’t be complicated, but it must include one detail: anyone who enters must “like” your company page to be eligible to win. The easiest types of Facebook contests to run are:

  • Like to win
  • Comment to win
  • Like and comment to win (fancy!)
  • Caption this
  • Fill-in-the-blank

The price can be just as straightforward: give away a service, product or cash.


If you want to reach new people, you must advertise. So yes, if you hold a contest, advertise it!

You could also run promos that are exclusive to Facebook followers, like a special discount or service that’s not available anywhere else. To be eligible for the promo, people must like your page.


Connect with everyone you meet

When you get back from an event, conference or meeting with a potential client, immediately sit down with their business cards and send connection requests. Always include a quick note about where you met and why you’re glad you are now connected.

Publish natively

Write and publish original, thought-provoking and valuable articles natively on LinkedIn. (Natively means you’re publishing within the platform, as opposed to posting a link to your blog.) This will definitely help you stand out and attract “followers” who will see each new article that you publish.


Participate in chats

Twitter chats have become the easiest and best way for my company to increase our follower count. It is typical for people to follow each other after a chat, so take advantage of this. It’s time well spent.

Follow other users

Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are very quid-pro-quo. If you follow someone, they are likely to follow you back. They’ll check out your profile and feed first, of course, before following you. Make sure your profiles are in tip-top shape.

Be social

The more you participate on a social platform, the more you’ll get out of it. On Twitter, that means retweeting and replying to tweets. People so rarely bother to do this. If you make the effort, you’ll be rewarded.


Use popular and trending hashtags

People find new users and ‘grams by searching for hashtags. Before you post something, look up popular, trendy and industry-specific hashtags. Look at the hashtags your competitors are using, too.

Follow other users

Like I said above, Instagram is quid-pro-quo. Follow someone, and they’ll follow you back.

Comment on ‘grams

I know I’m repeating myself here, but I don’t care. Comment on other ‘grams! Don’t just like them – spend a few seconds adding a thoughtful comment.


Follow users and boards

Just like on Twitter and Instagram, if you follow someone on Pinterest, they will likely follow you back. Every time you’re on Pinterest, spend time looking up and following other users and boards.

And when you pin someone else’s image, follow them. It’s the polite thing to do!

Comment and repin

Remember, Pinterest is more than a black-hole of inspiration. It’s also a social platform. Comment on pins and boards, and repin images that fit perfectly within your own boards.

At the end of the day, remember that they key to getting more social media followers is to BE SOCIAL. Reach out to people, have quick conversations and spread the love. Those efforts will be rewarded!

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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