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How to Choose One Social Media Network for Marketing

Your clients are using social media, which means you need to be on it. And because I know you’re a busy entrepreneur or small business owner, let’s make this discussion super simple. If you only have time to be on one social media network for marketing, how do you choose?

Start with these four basic questions:

What social media network has the most engagement?

Already using social media for marketing and just want to get the most bang for your buck by sticking with one network? Look at which network has the most quality engagement – emphasis on quality.

Let’s say you’re using LinkedIn and Instagram. You have 477 connections on LinkedIn – and you know and like/admire/respect all of them. Every time you publish a blog post or share an article with commentary attached, you get dozens of likes, several comments, and a few shares. Nice.

Over on Instagram, you have 2,809 followers. You post gorgeous images, use all the right hashtags and tell charming stories. But you only get a handful of likes, and that’s it.

So even though you have a lot of more followers on Instagram, it’s time to pour your time and effort into LinkedIn.

What networks are your competitors successfully using?

This is arguably the fastest way to make a decision and choose one social media network. Look up your top 10 competitors on all the big social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, even Tumblr).

  • What networks are they using?
  • What are they posting?
  • What topics are people engaging with?
  • What is generating the most shares and comments?

So now you know what channel to use AND what to share on it!

Where are your clients on social media?

While it’s awesome to know what your competitors are doing, it’s also critical to know where your own clients are online. Don’t worry – this isn’t hard or time-consuming to do!

No matter how long your list of clients, only look up your ideal clients, the ones you love and who love you right back. You want more of them. You don’t want more of the high-maintenance ones, the cranky ones, the always-late-to-pay ones.

Whether you have a list of five clients or 10, look them up on the big social networks. What network are they most active on?

You’ll have to friend your clients on Facebook if you want to spy on them there, so it’s probably easier to just confirm that they have an account. If they’re active on it, their account most likely contains a profile photo and other identifying details.

Can you sustain activity on that network?

So now you know what network to devote your time and energy to – yay! If this network is one you’re not already using or super familiar with, can you:

  • Devote time to learning best practices?
  • Sustain daily or a few-times-a-week activity?
  • Create new content to share on that channel?
  • Curate content?
  • Spend time engaging with others and finding new followers?

If the answer is no, let’s talk. We’ll work with you to put together a results-oriented strategy for your one social media network and implement it.

Photo by nappy from Pexels.

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