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Twitter Marketing: The New Rule That Can Drive Engagement

If you’re struggling with how to effectively use Twitter for marketing, I get it. Twitter is like Times Square at rush hour: Chaos. It’s a jumbled mess of people and conversations and information.

But it’s also a favorite channel of successful marketers and business owners because they have figured out the new rule for Twitter marketing.

Following this rule can drive engagement like no other social platform. It can help you cut right through the noise. It can help you develop meaningful relationships. And it can help raise your profile.

The rule is super simple, too:

Seek out and join conversations.

Twitter is the only social media platform that lets you easily have conversations in real-time.

Note I said “conversations.” Blasting out information – blog posts or even curated content – is not an effective Twitter marketing tactic. Here’s how to find and join those conversations:

Respond to the tweets of important people

You’ve already followed all the influencers in your industry, right? Are you following prospects and clients, too? Awesome – well done!

In order to easily see their tweets, create Twitter Lists (curated lists of people and brands). Make it a daily habit to check out what they’re tweeting – and respond to them if you have something valuable or helpful to say. You could even ask a question about what they tweeted (and of course they’ll be thankful if you retweet their stuff).

The point is to get on their radar and get a conversation going. So few people take the time to do this that you will stand out!

Join Twitter chats

Twitter chats are hands-down the best way to engage in conversations. Join one or two on a regular basis. You’ll learn from them, and they’ll learn from you. You might even be asked to guest-host.

My number one Twitter chat tip is to respond to what other people tweet. If you agree, tell them. If you disagree, explain why. These side conversations are a lot of fun and demonstrate that you WANT to interact with others. Again, that’s a rarity on social media.

But the best part is how well you’ll get to know the host and the other regulars. You will develop solid relationships that sometimes turn into real-life relationships.

Post videos

Did you know Twitter has built-in video capabilities? Yup, sure does.

Video on Twitter floats to the top of news feeds – just like every other social media platform. Using video will automatically make your more visible, which will allow more people to potentially engage with you.

You only have 140 seconds to get your point across. Be valuable – maybe answer questions you’re asked all the time. And ask questions to get people involved.

That’s it! Twitter marketing is not hard, and it can definitely be worth the effort. Stick to this new rule, and you should see engagement rates go up.

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